Private Sale

Presale Rate

1 BNB = 45,000 INF

10% Higher Than Public Sale

How to Participate

To Participate In Our Private Sale You Must Send BNB to the Presale Wallet Address. All BNB has to be sent as BEP-20 BNB. Funds sent to this address from wallets will be airdropped when private sale concludes. Information regarding this can be seen on "Private Sale End Date"

Private Sale End Date

20/05/2024 - 10PM UTC

Min & Max Buy

Min: 0.1 BNB

Max: 5 BNB

Presale Wallet Address


Transactions that do not follow the min & max buy will not be returned.

Total Funding Recieved

Holders: 2,314

Amount Raised: $263,521